The Jewel of the Rocky Mountains 
Welcome to Leadville Colorado, Your Rocky Mountain Getaway
At an elevation of 10,430ft above sea level this historic mining community sits in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  Situated at the headwaters of the Arkansas River this old mining town lies between the Sawatch range to the west and the Mosquito range to the east.  There are over 19 14'ers between these two ranges and Leadville is in the middle of it all! 

With over 310 days of sunshine a year the area enjoys very moderate temperatures.  Winters are not what you would think at this location/elevation due the the lack of moisture in the air.  It's cold, but not "bone chilling", and locals have been known to only wear flannel long sleave shirts on many winter days.  The summers are quite enjoyable with temperatures that seldom reach into the 80's and there are very few bugs this high up.   

Leadville is the highest incorporated city in North America and the county seat of Lake County.  It is also one of Colorado’s largest historic districts.  It is a National Historic Landmark District consisting of over 70 square blocks and was designated by Congress in 1966.  There are numerous walking tours of the town and magnificent Victorian architecture. 

With year around activities for the whole family Leadville will become your preferred destination for family fun and adventure.  So go ahead and take a look at our website and home.  We are sure you will find Leadville to be as charming and relaxing as we have over the years.

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